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December 2015

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NEWSLETTER December 2015

> New Differential relay 87T test module - Application Note

The new TDMS - Test & Data Management Software release 7.1.0, available for download on ISA web site download area, has been implemented by a new release of Differential relay 87T test module
A completely new way of testing for transformer differential protections is now possible. In few steps the user can easily set up a complete network model for the best fault simulation: Power Transformer vector group, Earthing transformers, Current Transformers connections (wye, delta) and YDY Interposing transformers for a proper phase and zero-sequence compensation.

It is also included the possibility to test the Harmonic Restraint characteristic in the plane harmonic[%]-Idiff.

 Please, read our Application note >


> New ISA web site

ISA new web site is available on line at www.isatest.com. The web site has a total brand new look, providing an easy access to the key information of our company and products. The customer area is still available with the latest manuals, software and firmware releases. Enter the ISA world!

ISA web site


> New ISA regional office - ISA GCC in DUBAI,UAE

ISA is proud to announce the opening of a new regional office in Dubai, UAE covering the Gulf Area. The opening of this office is aimed at strengthen ISA's market penetration and to make its presence even more active in this crucial area. Headed by a highly experienced manager, this regional offices joins the other ISA's branch offices in Singapore, India and Brazil.

Office no 713, Business Avenue Building Port Saeed Road, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
T +971 4 2956664  +971 565044668   F +971 42956099
Email: imteyaz.siddiqui.GCC@isatest.com


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