Worldwide manufacturer of high-end test and measurement systems for the power industry.

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  • STS 5000 & STS 4000 - Multifunction substation maintenance & commissioning test systems for current, voltage and power transformers.

  • STS 5000 & TD 5000Primary test and power transformer diagnostic system with Capacitance / Tan Delta measurement.

  • DRTS 66 - Relay test set for Protective Relays, Energy meters, Transducers and Power Quality meters.

  • CBA 2000 - HV circuit breaker analyzer with built-in 200 A microhmmeter for the static and dynamic contact resistance measurement.

  • RELTEST 1000 -  Three phase relay test set, especially designed for distribution, transmission, smart grid and renewable energy plants.

  • T 1000 Plus & TD 1000 Plus - Secondary Injection Relay Test Set designed for testing relays and transducers.

  • TDMSTest & Data Management Software is a powerful software package providing data management for acceptance and maintenance testing activities.

  • TFS 2100E - Travelling wave fault locator system, the all-in-one solution for the HV network fault location.


    BTS 200 MKII - Battery test system designed to perform measurement of battery voltage, discharging current test and testing of battery capacity.

  • DRTS 6 - Automatic three-phase relay test set, designed to satisfy all the needs related to commissioning and maintaining substations and to testing protection devices.

  • CBA 1000 - Circuit breaker analyzer and microhmmeter for the maintenance and commissioning of circuit breakers in medium and high voltage substation.

  • T 3000 & T 2000 - Substation maintenance and commissioning test equipment, designed to perform primary tests requested in substations commissioning.

  • EDS - Expert on line diagnostic system for HV substation equipments, designed to continuously monitor the condition substation devices.

  • KAM - Primary current injection test system, designed to grant high current output when needed in substation commissioning activities.

  • SFRA 5000 - Sweep frequency response analyzer for the high accuracy transformer analysis.

  • SCAR 10 - Metal oxide surge arrester test set is the perfect device to perform analysis and diagnostics on metal oxide arrestors.


June 2015